Need a Guiding Light While Driving at Night?

You need to schedule headlight restoration

If you own a vehicle, you’re probably going to need headlight restoration at some point during your car’s lifespan. Daily wear and tear and the elements take a toll on your headlights. Kustra’s Auto Body LLC restores headlights that have been damaged by UV rays. We remove the oxidized material to smooth and polish the finish. Your headlights will look good as new by the time you leave.

4 signs that you need headlight restoration

4 signs that you need headlight restoration

Take a close look at your headlights to see if you need to schedule headlight restoration. A few signs that your headlights need attention include:

  1. Your headlights are yellowing.
  2. Your headlights look cloudy.
  3. Your headlights are cracked or scratched.
  4. You’re having trouble seeing the road at night.

You’ll love the look of your crystal-clear headlights, and you’ll be able to see better while driving at night. Call now to schedule headlight restoration at Kustra’s Auto Body LLC.