Did a Fender Bender Put a Dent in Your Day?

Turn to us for bumper repairs

You slammed on the breaks and screeched to a stop to avoid hitting the car in front of you, but you were hit from behind. Fender benders are common, but they’re also a hassle, especially when you need bumper repairs. Make Kustra’s Auto Body LLC your top choice for bumper repair. Contact us by calling 603-659-2442 to schedule your bumper repairs.

Get quality bumper repairs for your set of wheels

Get quality bumper repairs for your set of wheels

You want to rely on an experienced team to take care of your bumper repairs. We’ve provided top-notch bumper repairs for over four decades, so you can trust us to:

  • Evaluate every bumper to see if it can be repaired.
  • Use a state-of-the-art plastic welding process to repair the bumper.
  • Work with a variety of materials and testing processes.

Call now to schedule your bumper repairs, and you’ll be back on the road in no time.